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Our Services

We want to know your needs so that we can provide the perfect solution.
We share with you some things you should consider and plan in order to ensure a soft and stress-free moving.

1° – Introductory video call

 If you are not in Barcelona or won’t be able to visit it before your relocation date, this is an excellent opportunity for us to know each other, and to start to build your relocation process.

2° – Guided tour in Barcelona / Sant Cugat

We always advise having, if time and situation allow it, a guided tour in the place you are relocating. It is the perfect way for you to understand the culture and the surroundings.

3° – Relocation planning

In order to prepare an effective relocation plan, we need to work on the relocation schedule. We’ll give you a full checklist of things you should do, and we’ll take care of the rest of the relocation issues.

Let´s start! We’re here to help.

We invite you to take a deeper look at our services.

More services and info

Mikmak team will help you beyond beaurocracy. We will also help you plan your holidays, summer camps and birthdays for your children.